Tematska številka revije IJMKL

alenka Evropa

Najavljena je tematske številke IJMKL z naslovom The Knowledge-Based Economy in Europe: http://www.toknowpress.net/journals/ijmkl/call-for-papers/, katere urednica je  Dr. Anita Pelle, JM Chair iz University of Szeged, Hungary.

Prispevki, objavljeni v reviji, bodo predstavljeni v okviru sekcije o evropskih študijah, na konferenci MakeLearn & TIIM Conference 2018, ki bo 16-18 maja v Neaplju, Italija https://makelearn.mfdps.si/

Več informacij:

Call for Papers: The Knowledge-Based Economy in Europe

This special/thematic issue targets the knowledge-based economy in Europe. Europe belongs to the developed part of the world but there are some challenges the continent is facing in this respect. First and foremost, there are considerable differences in innovation performance across European countries: while some of them are at the front lines of the knowledge-based economy, others are much more performing a following or even lagging behind character. Second, European firms and the Europe-based subsidiaries of multinational companies are taking various positions in global value creation – not always the top ones, although there are positive examples as well. Third, Europe has lately been challenged by emerging economies that are quickly stepping upwards the knowledge, technology and innovation ladders. European firms and policies must react to these advancements. The Europe 2020 strategy overarching the 2010–2020 decade has put smart growth among its three priorities. Most lately, the realization of the Digital Single Market Strategy of the European Commission has been on the agenda.

Papers included in the special issue all relate to this topic in some way, either from the realm of economics (theoretical or applied), or from the business perspective (firms, markets, strategies). They may range from general to specific (e.g. case studies).