Piconf 2020

Project JM €U-IMOP at PIConf 2020, 23–24 October 2020

alenka Evropa

At PIConf 2020 on-line conference 23–24 October 2020 titled Online Education without Social Distance: Challenges for Internationalisation and Culture of Peace https://piconf.net/, organised by Pegaso international Malta, the project JM €U-IMOP was presented by Aleš Trunk. The co-authors Aleš Trunk, Alenka Bernik Dermol, and Gorazd Justinek prepared a paper on EU Integration through Financial Literacy, see conference proceeding https://piconf.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/proceedings-piconf-2020.pdf. The project was presented also at Projects presentation session and the logo was published in the proceeding (p 75). More on the link – the gallery of all video records of all panels and sessions: https://piconf.net/gallery-archives/. The PIConf was promoted also in on TV Malta news https://www.tvm.com.mt/mt/news/l-edukazzjoni-fi-zmien-il-pandemija-kemm-hu-importanti-t-tahrig-onlajn/.