EU Education and training panel

European education and training expert panel

alenka EU-visokošolski prostor, Evropa

This report summarises the findings of the European Education and Training Expert Panel and the discussions at the 2019 Forum on the Future of Learning. The Expert Panel – composed of 18 international experts – was convened by the European Commission in order to make a strategic contribution to the Commission’s work on preparing a successor to the current strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (ET 2020). The Panel was asked to focus on six thematic blocks:

  • demographic challenges,
  • inclusion and citizenship,
  • technological change and the future of work,
  • digitalisation of society,
  • environmental challenges,
  • investment, reforms and governance.

For each block, the Expert Panel was invited to address the following scoping questions:

  • What are the major societal developments that will have an impact on how education and training are delivered in Europe in the medium- to long-term?
  • How can EU cooperation best respond to these challenges?
  • What should the strategic objectives of European cooperation in education and training be for the next decade?
  • Which should be the priority areas and themes?