EU:HELM – Jean Monnet Chair survey – some key aspects of higher education before and after Covid19

alenka EU-visokošolski prostor

Dear colleagues.

Within the Jean Monnet Chair project “EU integration; European Higher Education Area and Labour Market” (EU:HELM) (click HERE for more information), we’d like to investigate some key aspects of higher education (HE) before and after Covid19.

In the following QUESTIONNAIRE:, we ask you about HE, internationalization and mobility in HE, soft-skills and their influence on higher education and job market as well as about wider context of the EU, all from the perspectives before and after the COVID-19 pandemics. We believe that these aspects might dramatically change the way of HE functioning.

In our survey, we target students and graduates, academic and administrative staff at HE institutions, as well as employers. As a method of collecting the data we use the survey and snowball sampling. The initial contact groups are national and international contacts in our social network. We apologize in advance, if you will receive this e-mail more than once.

We kindly ask you

  • to answer ASAP the questionnaire  and
  • to forward this e-mail to your national and international contacts/network of above mentioned target groups that might also participate in this survey.

THANK YOU for your cooperation and support.

Best regards and stay healthy,

Dr. Nada Trunk Širca, Jean Monnet Chair and Dr. Valerij Dermol, International School for Social and Business Studies, Slovenia,