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European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (June 2020) issued a Report CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC IN THE EU – FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS IMPLICATIONS: WITH A FOCUS ON CONTACT-TRACING APPS The COVID-19 pandemic is a public health emergency — but it is far more. It is an economic crisis. A social crisis. And a human crisis that is fast becoming a human rights crisis. This …

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Teaching and learning about Culture of Peace

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JM Chair dr. Nada Trunk  in the last year worked a lot on the projects and activities related with solidarity and the concepts of social inclusion. When participating at PIConf in malta (October 2019),, she met also Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President Emeritus of Republic of Malta when she discussed  about Policies and Ethics of Social Inclusion and the Cultural Diversity. …

Vabilo na panelno razpravo When Brexit meets a pandemic

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Udeležence JM HELM dogodkov redno obveščamo in jih vabimo na različne aktivnosti povezane z EU. Tokrat ste vabljeni na panelno diskusijo When Brexit meets a pandemic: What’s next for the UK–EU future relationship?, ki jo organizira Veleposlaništvo UK, Center za Evropsko prihodnost in Strateški Forum. Dogodek bo  potekal kot Zoom Webinar v ponedeljek, 22. junija 2020 ob 12.30 CEST. Registracija: Več informacij …